Do These 3 Rides Every Week If You Want to Get Faster

Like many cyclists, you likely ride lots, or at least as much as you can. But chances are, unless you’re following a structured training plan, those rides are pretty much the same. You either spin the same loops or pedal along with the same groups without working on any specific aspect of your fitness. That’s fine, of course, and when you’re just starting out, you’ll find yourself getting fitter and faster. But after a while, you’ll hit a plateau where you get neither.

If getting faster is your goal, you need to add a little structure. Picture your cycling fitness like a racehorse. To crush that derby in Kentucky, those steeds need a big engine; the stamina to hold speed, and top-end power and quickness to drive over the finish line. If you want to be fast like one of those fleet-footed beasts, you need to create that same fitness scaffolding on which to build speed.

Here are three rides to include in your weekly repertoire that will ramp up your mph in no time.

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