Bike Organizations That Promote Racial Diversity


We're all about making the world a more active place by connecting people—everyone—to the things they love, want and need to do. We won't get too in-depth with the stats, but according to the 2019 Outdoor Participation Report (you can download it here), in 2018, 73.7 percent of outdoor participants were Caucasian, and since 2013, African American "moderate" participation has remained steady around eight percent. 

Now, individuals and companies around the world are taking a long overdue introspective look at how they can be more inclusive and do their part to end systemic racism. We see this as an opportunity to highlight, encourage and celebrate people of all colors, genders and socioeconomic backgrounds in the endurance and outdoor communities. 

If you're looking for a way to promote diversity in the cycling community, these bike-related organizations that promote racial diversity. Donate if you can, ask questions and start a conversation. We can ALL do better, and even the smallest of actions add up to make a big difference.

L39ION of Los Angeles

The L39ION cycling team based in Los Angeles is a bit different than most cycling teams you'll come across. It is, in its words, an "Elite Cycling Team dedicated to increasing diversity, encouraging inclusion, and giving supporters access to their favorite athletes." Their most recent GoFundMe campaign has raised over $120,000 to help the team, among other things, create events/engagements aimed toward boosting diversity awareness in cycling.

Learn more about and support Legion of Los Angeles, here

Friends on Bikes

With chapters in Portland and Toronto, Friends on Bikes focuses on "fostering a community for women, trans and gender non-conforming BIPOC who love riding bikes." The three pillars of the organization are community, awareness and advocacy, and it most recently hosted its Black Liberation Ride—a community bike ride for cyclists of color. 

Learn more about and support Friends on Bikes, here

All Mountain Brothers

All Mountain Brothers is a BIPOC mountain bike group founded to help support the #DiversifyOutdoors movement. Its Instagram account features mountain bikers of all genders and colors, and you can support its efforts to grow and connect the POC cycling community by purchasing stickers and T-shirts.

Learn more about and support All Mountain Brothers, here

Iron Riders Dallas Cycling Club

The Iron Riders Dallas Cycling Club is a great example of a local cycling group that promotes both gender and racial diversity (and is right in ACTIVE's backyard). Its slogan, "We Can, We Will....Together - ONWARD!" was inspired by the African American "Iron Riders" from the 25th Infantry division of the U.S. Calvary. It offers cycling workshops, training rides, group rides (including a "Lady Iron Riders" group for women) and rallies for enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. 

Learn more about and support Iron Riders Dallas Cycling Club, here.

Black Girls Do Bike 

Black Girls Do Bike is all about "supporting a community of women of all color who share a passion for cycling." It organizes rides, helps alleviate the barrier to entry and educates new riders on the ins and outs of cycling. You can support the group by buying BGDB gear, donating or advertising. 

Learn more about and support Black Girls Do Bike, here

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