At-Home Equipment for Cycling Workouts

It's the cycling off-season, and not only are cyclists turning to their trainers as the cold weather nestles in for a few months, but they're avoiding the gym, too. After all, we're still a couple months from New Year's resolutions, and fluorescent lighting and monthly dues get old.

To make things easier this off-season, you should consider putting together a gym at home. A home gym means you can avoid the cold on your daily rides and build the muscle you need to tackle your spring century ride with confidence.

Fortunately, when it comes to home gyms for cyclists, minimalism is king. Sure, there's an investment up front but, if you smartly avoid infomercial machines that cost monthly installments of $29.95, in the long run, you will save money. Below, we've listed five pieces of equipment that should improve any cyclist's fitness. Buy the trainer and two of the following four items for a great off-season cycling gym.

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