A Roadie Rides a Mountain Bike: Tips for a Beginner

Getting into mountain biking was not as quick and easy as road or cyclocross was for me. However, nearly a year ago I had some major encouragement from my cyclocross team to try it out. Considering my first experience on a borrowed mountain bike was unpleasant to say the least, I was in no rush to get back on one, much less purchase my own. However, it didn't take them long to convince me to give it another try.

After hearing I had the MTB itch again, a friend I met through cyclocross reached out and offered to let me borrow her bike and run me through some beginner skills. I was hesitant considering my first experience, but when I met her at the trails she took the first 20 minutes to set up the bike to accommodate me. We went out and did a mix of riding and skill training where she would take video of me to better explain what I was doing right or wrong. Long story short, this made a massive difference, and I became hooked! I spent the next few months trying to educate myself on the various types of bikes and figure out (with the help of others) what would be the best bike for me. As one newbie to the next, here is some advice for getting into mountain biking.

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