9 Bike Buying Questions, Answered

There's only one question that you should never, ever (not even as a dare) ask while in a bike shop: Should I buy a new bike or a new TV?

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But the rest of the questions you're feeling nervous about asking? Those are all fair game. In fact, if you're investing significant cash in a new ride, most of these questions are important, no matter how mundane or rudimentary they may seem.

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Which brings up a good point: If the salesperson you're buying from makes you feel silly for asking questions, consider taking your business elsewhere. "The store should make you feel comfortable," says Steve Beheler, operations manager for Spokes Etc., a Virginia-based chain of bicycle shops. Look for a retailer where the salespeople encourage you to ask questions. Then lob both your softballs and hardballs at them.

If you're not sure what to ask, reference this list of nine questions for every buyer--from the cyclist purchasing an entry-level commuter to the enthusiast picking up a $6,000 speed machine.

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