7 Step-by-Step Indoor Cycling Workouts to Get You Through Winter

Global Cycling Network

Probably best known for their in-depth bike reviews and color commentary on the professional cycling scene, the chaps at Global Cycling Network have also produced a series of indoor YouTube training videos. We especially enjoyed the 25-Minute HIIT Blast; it's a step-by-step strength building session that includes suggested effort levels, hand placement guides and out-of-the-saddle moments. If you choose to use one of the other workout methods on this list instead, GCN's other content is a highly entertaining way to pass the minutes on the trainer. 

Check out more Global Cycling Network workouts on YouTube here. 


By now you've probably heard about the fitness phenomenon Peloton—it's an in-home studio-style spin workout series that is led by an actual trainer. While its stationary bike is a great way to get the full experience, Peloton now offers a digital subscription for those of us with our own bike and stationary trainer. The subscription includes a library of more than 10,000 step-by-step guided cycling workouts (and live classes), as well as running, strength and boot camp workouts. 

Learn more about Peloton Digital here. 


Strava has become one of the most ubiquitous apps on the cycling scene. Compatible with most sensors and GPS-enabled devices, it's an intuitive way to keep track of your efforts, analyze your workouts and compete against your friends and other athletes around the world. Strava also offers customized cycling training plans for its Premium subscribers, which includes anything from beginner indoor training plans to endurance-boosting 60-minute climbing plans. They're developed by Carmichael Training Systems (personal coach to Lance Armstrong), so you know you're getting the good stuff. 

Learn more about Strava training plans for cyclists here.

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