7 Alternative Ways to Warm Up Without the Bike

Most athletes realize that to achieve peak performance and prevent injury, a good warm-up is a must. The problem is, most cyclists don't warm up correctly. It takes a lot of time, effort and patience, which can be hard to accomplish before a training ride or race.

So, if you aren't doing your warm-up properly, is it worth expending the energy? A proper warm-up can take a solid hour to complete. This includes 20 minutes of work in zone 1 and 2, a half dozen leg openers and a 10-minute cool down. If you're doing less than this, your time may be better spent not doing a traditional warm-up.

In fact, there are alternative ways of warming up all together that might be a better option for those cyclists who aren't doing a complete warm-up routine. Use these eight alternatives to get your muscles warm and your body ready to go in the moments before a race without jumping on the bike.

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