6 Strength Training Exercises to Make You a Better Cyclist

If want to become a more competitive cyclist in your age group, you must make time to build strength. Your general training, sleep and nutrition may be on point, but if your strength training program is sporadic or non-existent, adding a few key moves can give you the edge you need.

Before you begin a strength training regimen, know that simple and straightforward is the best way to get results. Make a commitment to go to the gym two days a week, and hit the hardest lifts such as squats, shoulder presses and deadlifts first. These exercises will give you the most bang for buck. They can also be quite taxing, so make sure to give your muscles enough time to recover before starting the next set.

Most importantly, strive to get a little better each time out. If you're a novice to weight training start slow, and add sets and weight in small increments each week as you work on the following exercises. When your strength increases, move up to adding weight on each visit to the gym.

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