5 Roadside Repairs You Need to Know

Being stuck in the middle of nowhere, dozens of miles from home with no cell phone reception and a broken down bike certainly warrants a total freak out moment.

But don’t start hyperventilating just yet.

Fortunately, because of a bicycle’s simplicity, you don’t need to be an expert mechanic to perform basic roadside repairs yourself. Follow this guide to prepare yourself for the possibility of a bike breakdown so that you can avoid an emotional breakdown.

What You’ll Need

To carry the tools needed for most roadside repairs, you’ll likely need a saddle bag and some spare space in your jersey pockets. In addition to critical items cyclists should never leave home without, such as money and a cell phone, you’ll also need to pack the following on every ride:

- 2 inner tubes
- Patch kit
- 2 tire levers
- Master link
- Mini pump or CO2 cartridges
- Multi tool
- Duct tape
- Zip ties

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