15 Things Runners Don't Understand About Cyclists

Cyclists, you don't know this, but you and I have a love-hate relationship. I love you all because I am a lover of good fitness choices, health and wellness. I admire that you can ride for (gasp) 100 miles or more and that you seem to move at the speed of light.

But I hate you because I don't understand you. And you know what? You make it really hard. All your special words and fancy gear—it's enough to make the lowly runner feel, well, like a lowly runner. I don't have wheels. I don't have a cool, bright matching outfit. My champions don't get to wear different colored jerseys when they take the lead. Can you tell I'm mad as hell?

So like someone totally petty would, I've decided to make the ultimate hater's list of things I just don't get about cycling.

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