15 Smug Things Roadies Say

Let's face it, roadies are smug. If we were sweating the analogies portion of the SAT: roadie is to smug as Kanye West is to...well, smug. Now, this unfortunate perception doesn't apply to everyone. If your aluminum bike is not a "training bike," and you think a fork is for eating green beans, you're likely immune to roadie smugness. You're off the hook.

But that doesn't mean you haven't experienced it. You could be on a group ride when you hear the distinct whoosh of a carbon bike roll up beside you and a sponsored-jersey clad rider mutters a few words. You flinch and your face scrunches in disgust as if you smelled something positively putrid; you might even throw up a little in your mouth. Why? Because that pickle-juice-drinking, carbon-fiber-riding roadie said something like this:

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