11 Types of Annoying Cyclists

We respect everyone who rides bikes, of course, but sometimes our passion for riding turns our quirks into irritating eccentricities. It can happen to anyone and we'll be the first to admit we can be irritating on a group ride. From borrowing your last tube—to regaling you with our 17-part dissertation on the potential outcomes of disc brakes on road bikes--riding with us can be a mixed bag of fun, camaraderie, and yes, occasional frustration that we just won't shut up about bike parts.

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Luckily, we're not alone--lots of our fellow cyclists are out there ready to settle in comfortably on your last nerve. Join us as we take a brief spin through the 11 most annoying cyclists to ride with, many of which were nominated by Bicycling staff members who closely identify. Which one are you? And what would you add?

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