11 of the Craziest Cycling Fans in Tour de France History

Cycling fans are a specific breed. Unlike most sporting events—where fans are able to sit and watch the entirety of an hours-long match without missing a single moment of drama—cycling fans sit and wait for hours on end to catch a seconds-long glimpse of a peloton zooming by them at 30 mph, unlikely even to see the person they're cheering for. And with no reservations, they pack up and do the same thing the following day.

Were cycling fans crazy to begin with, or is it this behavior that made them crazy? We'll never know for sure, but if you're ever lucky enough to attend the Tour de France, you might just cross paths with one of these crazy characters.

Whether it's a trident-wielding devil, a jogging banana or half-naked, face-painted Norwegians, these cycling fans really know how to party.

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