Directory of Cycling Guides

Directory of Cycling Guides

Cyclists of all abilites can find tips and advice on training, nutrition, gear, racing and just enjoying life on two wheels with these guides.

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Bike race

Bike Racing Basics

Whether you're preparing for a season of competition or signing up for your first criterium, knowing and executing the little things makes for a good racing experience. Use this guide to arrive at the start line ready to race.

Team Slipstream

Racing Strategy and Technique Tips

Other than a time trial, a bike race is as much a battle of wits as it is a test of fitness. From team tactics to solo strategy, use this guide to claim that top podium spot.

Century Rides

Your Guide to Century Rides

Planning to take on a 100-mile cycling event? Get the tips and advice you need to complete your century with this guide.

Bike on beach

7 Bike-Friendly Coastal Campgrounds

Beach season is also a great time to ride your bike. Throw in camping and you've got a recipe for a great long weekend. From singletrack riders to the pannier crowd, check out these seven beach-side camping destinations.

searching for a bike

Beginner's Guide to Bike Gear

So you want to be a cyclist but you don't know where to start. From buying a bike to stocking your saddle bag, this guide will get you on your way.

Stuart O'Grady

Guide to Time Trials

Train harder, improve your positioning, and increase your time trial speed with this guide to winning the race of truth.


Cyclocross Tips and Training

Combine mountain biking and road cycling, sprinkle in a bit of running, and garnish with mud, rain, and a dash of snow and you get cyclocross. Action packed and spectator friendly, it could quite possibly be the most fun you'll have on two wheels.

Bike Commuter

Bike Commuting Tips

Tired of rush hour traffic? Find fitness and freedom on the road as a bike commuter. These tips, tricks and tactics will have you leading a more car-less life in no time.

group ride

Group Riding Skills and Etiquette

Cycling doesn't have to be a solo sport. But before you head out on your next group ride, brush up on your pack skills and etiquette with these articles.


Early-Season Training

As the cycling season approaches, check out these early-season training articles to hone your skills, build endurance and improve your speed on the bike.

women cyclist

Women's Cycling Tips

Whether you are new to cycling or have been at it for years, improve your knowledge and skills with these tips.

snowy cycling path

Winter Cycling

Cold weather and unpredictable conditions shouldn't mean you're confined to the indoor trainer for the winter. Follow the advice in these articles to keep your wheels rolling all year long.


Indoor Cycling Tips and Training

Whether it's the offseason or racing season, time spent on the trainer can improve your cycling. These tips and workouts will help make your "ride to nowhere" more productive...and even fun.

bowl of fruit

Nutrition Guide for Cyclists

Good nutrition can be the difference between a strong day in the saddle or watching others fly by you. Here are some tips on eating well on and off the bike.

foot pain

Cyclist's Guide to Injury Prevention

From road rash and broken bones to knee pain or numb hands, cycling injuries come in a wide range of pain and from a variety of sources. Improve your bike fit, avoid accidents and recover quickly with these tips.

palm tree and mountains

10 Rides to Do Your Own Tour of California

Maybe you can't be part of the pro peloton during the May 16 to 23 Amgen Tour of California, but these 10 rides will get you pretty close. Whether you're pre-riding the course or touring the countryside near a host city, these events will give you a taste of America's premier cycling event.

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