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November 07 - December 19, 2020

Watercolor Painting Beg/Int/Adv

Columbus Cultural Arts Center • 139 West Main Street ColumbusOH  43215 Organized by Columbus Recreation and Parks Department
This event has ended.

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We're sorry, but this activity is over. The last meeting was Saturday, December 19, 2020.

This class is for the beginner or experienced watercolorist. Learn about the various techniques and materials of watercolor painting. Each class will feature a brief demonstration by the instructor. Paint-a-longs will be offered for beginners. More advanced students will be encouraged to work on their own projects. The instructor will help each individual artist advance to their optimum goal.

Watercolor Supplies

suggested materials list* *(you can work with what you have so dont spend a lot)

However, if you won the lottery, I have the expensive list if you scroll down below.


In Columbus: Utrecht, Dick Blick, Hobby Lobby, Michaels and JoAnns. You can find coupons on line.

On-line: www.dickblick.com, www.jerrysartarama.com, www.cheapjoes.com



For inexpensive brushes, look at the synthetic Golden Taklon. There are a number of brands. If you only want to buy one brush, get a round size #8, #10 or #12. A ½ flat brush would be nice too.


Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolors and Grumbacher Academy brand are a student grade and not too expensive. Van Gogh is considered a student grade but rated very high.

Colors: (ones named hue are cheaper), cadmium yellow, cerulean blue, ultramarine, cadmium red, paynes gray


Those are the minimum. If you want to buy some additional colors add; sap green, cadmium orange, dioxazine violet, burnt sienna


If you dont want to spend much money at all, order Loew Cornell Watercolor Sets, 12 tubes for around $6.00 at Dick Blick or JoAnns. You could also get a box of Prang.


I don?t think it is worth it to buy cheap paper.

My favorite is Arches 140 lb cold press sheets are 22 in x 30in and you can cut them down usually around $6 a sheet


Arches watercolor blocks, 10156-1156 Cold Press, 10 Sheets 12in × 16in 300 lb $36.69

I also am liking a new paper called Stonehenge Aqua

09621-1002 Aqua Watercolor Sheet, Cold Press 140 lb 22" × 30" List $6.75 $3.99

09621-1102 Aqua Watercolor Sheet, Cold Press 300 lb 22" × 30" List $13.95 $8.99

09621-1202 Aqua Watercolor Sheet, Hot Press 140 lb 22" × 30" List $6.75 $3.99

This paper also comes in blocks.


Alvin Rectangular Plastic Palette 03046-1029 Rectangular Plastic Palette 11¾" × 8¾" $3.14

Or Blick Covered Palette 03036-1002 $11.79

Or Styrofoam plates, especially the divided ones, are the cheapest way to go.


Small sketchpad

drawing pencil

Board support either Gatorboard, foam core or cardboard

Masking tape

Eraser (kneaded)

Plastic container for water (large)

Paper towels and/or cloth towels


The next lists the expensive stuff

The expensive stuff I use:


Kolinsky sable are the most expensive. I have a few an Isabey, a Kalish and a Creative Mark Rhapsody. Don?t faint when you see the price!

The workhorse brushes Ive uses for 30 years are the Pro Arte brushes. My favorite are the Pro Arte Connoisseur line. Jerrys Artarama used to carry them. The manufacturer is letting me order directly.

Cheap Joe just came out with a Pseudo Sable and Creative Mark a Mimic Kolinsky. I didn?t like the flats but the rounds are ok.

I also like the Isabey Squirrel Quill. Tried the Blick Kolinskys, DaVinci, Escoda, Princeton, Winsor & Newton Kolinsky and Richeson Synthetic. Well talk more in class


PALETTE My favorite palette is the The Robert E. Wood Palette


By far, my favorite are the Helix, lightweight drawing boards. You can use cardboard, gator board or foam core.

The next list is the paints on my palette. Certainly every artist has preferences. I wish I were rich enough to try and compare them all or famous enough they would send them to me to try. Sigh

This is my palette:

The blacks I make are #1. ultramarine blue + burnt sienna #2 phthalo green + alizarin crimson

Bleu Royal -Sennelier brilliant pink - Holbein

burnt sienna ? any raw Sienna-any brand

cadmium orange any cadmium red light -M. Graham

cadmium yellow any blue grey - Holbein (hard to find)

cobalt blue any cobalt teal - M. Graham

dioxazine purple any jaune brilliant #1 - Holbein

lavendar Holbein naples yellow reddish ? Van Gogh

opera Holbei paynes gray - any brand

Bismyth Yellow-M.Graham permanent alizarin crimson- M. Graham

permanent green Van Gogh phthalo green any

quinacridone rose M. Graham sap green Schmincke

ultramarine any yellow ochre - any

** brands I like are Daler-Rowney, Grumbacher, Holbein, M. Graham, Maimeri Blu, QoR, Rembrandt, Schmincke, Sennelier, Winsor & Newton, Van Gogh (considered a Student Grade but rated high)

There are some brands I have not tried a lot. Blick, Blockx, Cheap Joe's, Da Vinci, Daniel Smith, Lascaux, LUKAS, Mijello, Old Holland, Pebeo Fragonard, ShinHan, SoHo, Stephen Quiller, Turner, Utrecht,

There are a few other colors I like, especially for skin tones. I put them on a separate palette or small container.

Alizarin Orange Grumbacher Academy

Bright Violet-Holbein

Raw Sienna any

Quinacridone Gold Deep - Qor

Other Stuff:

2B pencil and Kneadable eraser


Paper towels

Plastic tub (for water) and paper towels

Mr. Clean magic eraser (the original)

I paint at a slight slant on easel and board (for workshops I usually just bring a piece of

foam core, and a shoe box.) Whatever you have will work.

Cultural Arts Center
Drawing and Painting Studio Guidelines



1. Be respectful of our shared studio and of your fellow artists.

2. Set aside a designated cleaning time of 5-10 minutes at the end of each class.

3. Never pour chemicals, paints, solvents, dust down a sink drain.

4. When cutting do not cut directly on a table.

5. When painting, drawing (charcoal, ink, pastels etc) or printing, avoid using your medium directly on a table.

6. If you are using a messy medium, consider bringing a piece of plastic or a drop cloth to protect surfaces.

7. Consider bringing paper towels, wet wipes and or surface cleaner to clean up at the end of your class.

8. Try to avoid using drafting tables or the other tables to hold the messy stuff. Use the rolling metal carts for holding palettes and other messy items. If you have no other choice, please bring something to protect the surface.


Studio Time

Students are not permitted in the studio before or after scheduled class time without permission from an instructor.

Silence Cell Phones

Students may receive calls and talk quietly in a studio that is not being used, stairwell or the 1st floor Main Gallery area only.

Oil Painters Recycle Mineral Spirits

Students are responsible for recycling their mineral spirits used in oil painting. Never pour mineral spirits down the drain. Students may leave a small can of mineral spirits such as Turpenoid /Gamsol and a recycling jar labeled with their name in the designated yellow metal cabinet. Use a medium size glass jar with a lid for recycling (no plastic containers). Instructor will explain process.

Acrylic Painters and Watercolorists

Because acrylic paint causes plumbing problems, scrape palette debris in the trashcan before rinsing in the sink. Rinse and return plastic water container to storage bin on shelf. Please wipe the sink clean after using it!!

For Dusty Mediums (pastels, charcoal, chalks, conte)

When you need to remove loose charcoal or pastel fragments, or dust, hold the painting over a garbage can or container and gently spank the back. This allows any loose particulates to fall away without drifting into your air space. Of course it is sometimes impossible to prevent all dust to remember to wipe down the surfaces you have used at the end of class.

No Aerosol Spraying

Spraying of paint, adhesives or fixatives is not permitted in the studio because it is an environmental health hazard. We do not have a spray booth. Spray all work at home.

Stools & Art Carts

Do not use the stools for holding palettes or paints. Use a red or white art cart for your supplies when working. Return stools and carts to designated studio area when done.


Wipe off easels, return to upright position, center the holding bar and secure hardware after use. Return to the proper storage place in studio.


Can be moved to accommodate class size and function but must be returned to original position at the end of class. Clean off the table when you are done working. Tables are primarily reserved for watercolorists and mixed media art.

Storage of Student Artwork and Materials

Students may store artwork in the studio as long as they are currently enrolled and their works are named and dated. For those wishing to keep other art materials at the CAC, lockers are available to rent for $5/session or $25/year. Ask about renting one at front desk.

Nothing can block the exits.

Coffee pot & cups

All cups must be washed at the end of class, because dirty cups left on the sink create a serious health hazard. Students must clean up after themselves and put the washed cup back on the shelf.

Debris around the coffee pot is unacceptable and must be kept clean. Be sure the pot is turned off at the end of each class.


Although we appreciate donations, please do not bring in any household items without permission from administrative staff

The health and safety of participants and staff is our top priority, and we have implemented rigorous, department-wide procedures, which include:

All participants must complete a waiver form at the time of registration, either online or in person.

  • Access to our facilities is limited to registered participants and staff, with the exception of those who are onsite for in-person registration.

  • Participants must perform daily well checks at home. If you feeling sick (cough, fever, nausea, runny nose, etc.), you must stay home.

  • Staff will perform temperature checks on each participant when they arrive at our facilities.

  • Face coverings must be worn at all times unless otherwise noted.

  • The building will open at 8:45 am for 9 am session, 12:45 pm for 1 pm session and 6:45 pm for 7 pm session.

  • Social distancing - staying six feet away from others - must be observed at all times, with an understanding of the challenges and limitations for social distancing with very young children and individuals with disabilities.

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CAC Painting Studio at Columbus Cultural Arts Center


Lavonne Suwalski


November 07 - December 19, 2020

9:00 AM to 12:00 PM


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Ages 18-255 · Co-Ed


Columbus Cultural Arts Center

139 West Main Street ColumbusOH  43215

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