May 09 - December 31, 2020

Charlotte, NC Galloway Training Program 2020

May 09 - December 31, 2020 Uptown Childress-Klein YMCA • 301 S College St Ste 200 CharlotteNC  28202 View Map Organized by Galloway Training


New Member Programs - New Member - Marathon Training (Season Begins 5/9/2020)
New Member Programs - New Member - Half-marathon Training (Season Begins 8/8/2020)
Alumni Programs - Alumni - Marathon Training (Season Begins 5/9/2020)
Alumni Programs - Alumni - Half-marathon Training (Season Begins 8/8/2020)

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About this event

May 09, 2020 - December 31, 2020
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Uptown Childress-Klein YMCA

301 S College St Ste 200 CharlotteNC  28202
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About Jeff Galloway’s Program:

The Galloway Run/Walk/Run Training Program is open to anyone who is interested in fulfilling a lifetime goal: of running a half marathon or marathon. The training group welcomes all levels, from beginners to Boston qualifiers.  Pace groups are set up to ensure a comfortable and safe training pace for every ability.  We would love to have you but, if you're not certain about whether to join, email us at 

2020 Training Programs 

  • Half Marathon Training

Event details and schedule


Learn The Secrets To Health,Your Immune System, And Running In The Corona Virus Era


2020 Charlotte Galloway  Fall Running Program 


And The 2020 Health Program 


Health Program Will Feature How To Build Your Immune System To Fight Off The Corona Virus




This is not going to be like any Fall we have ever seen. Many 5k,10k, half marathons, and marathons will be cancelled this Fall. It would be very easy to not train this Fall, if your favorite race is cancelled, but there is even a more important reason to train this Fall - your health. Running increases the oxygen in your system, which in turn will boost your immune system. Simply, now is not the time to be out of shape. As part of the program that starts in August, we will teach you how to boost your immune system in our health emails, using supplements. This information will be based on information from Doctors and researchers around the country. Many of these supplements can function as supplements that also assist your running. We will also teach you which water to drink so that your internal body environment is not creating the perfect environment for the virus.   Right now, the corona virus is surging again in many areas of the country. Now is the time to get yourself ready for this current surge or a Second Wave late Summer or early Fall.

All waterstops will have tissues besides the coolers to use to get fluids so that you do not have to touch the coolers with your hand. Coolers also have 6 to 8 feet between them. If a team gets to big we can downsize the group into smaller groups.

You can use this program to set an 7, 8, 9, or 10 mile goal, and hold at that level, to develop or maintain your distance running ability and build your immune system. If any half marathons are available to run, some will run them, but running the half marathon is not an absolute requirement of this program! Those that are running a half marathon, we will have our usual program to help you achieve your goal.




Note: all runs in the August heat will be shorter runs. Long runs will be in cooler weather in mid-September and October!




Start Aug 8 at 7AM - we run 3 miles



Location for the Program will be announced prior to Aug 8 when the State lifts its restrictions

You can use this program to set an 8, 9, or 10 mile goal, and hold at that level, to develop your long distance running ability.


Most will run the Half Marathon, but it is not an absolute requirement!


10,11,12,13,14 Minutes Per Mile Training Teams 


Cannot Start On Aug 8? Start On Aug 15, Or Just Let Us Know When You Can!


Come Out For A Free Test Run On Us!






Included With The Running Program:


2020 Health Program At No Additional Charge


(Weekly Health Emails With Cutting Edge Health Information and How To Build Your Immune System.)




Popular Fall Half Marathons - They Have Not Cancelled Yet!


Myrtle Beach Oct 18*


Rock & Roll Savannah Nov 7*


Charlotte Nov 14* 


Kiawah Dec 12*


Jeff Galloway Atlanta 13.1 Dec 13*


Or Any Other Half Marathon Late Oct Thru Early Dec.






For Additional Information On This Program Email: 


John Lineberger---Charlotte Galloway Program Director at

General Info:

Contact Program Director John Lineberger at We are excited to have you Run/Walk/Run with us!

Is this group right for me?

The Jeff Galloway training approach is suitable for all levels and all ages! We focus on achieving your goal distance, injury free while having fun and building fitness. Bring a friend and join us for one of our Saturday morning weekly group runs (first session is free) and experience great comradery, effective training and lots of support. Email us for more information



Special Note:
This program is no exception to the restrictions the National Corona Virus Pandemic has caused. The Fall Running Events will most likely be held, so o
ur solution to training for these events is to run the training distances from home for 2 or 3 weeks or 8 or 9 weeks, whatever the situation demands. As soon as they do, then we will get together as a group ,when the all clear is issued, for our runs as we have always done in the past. 

Here is what to do in regard to the Marathon and Half Marathon Programs that usually start in May:

1) Veterans of the Program can sign up as you usually do.

2) Or veterans and new signups can wait and sign up for a Program at a later date, but can get the program training emails starting May 9th. Signing up at a later date will allow some of virus related restrictions to lift, so that an individual can begin to get their life back on track. 

If you want to wait until later to sign up, the only thing I require is that you email me, stating your name and pace you would like to run, and that you want to delay your signup until a later date. This will allow me to get you on the list for the weekly Training and Health emails. If you have a special situation, then email me and we can discuss it- I will try to help you any way possible. 

John Lineberger
email me at

Learn The Secrets To Long Distance Running!
2020 Galloway Marathon & Half Marathon Training Programs (We Also Have a Spring Half Marathon Program - For HM Info email   Included With The Marathon & Half Marathon Training Program: 2020 Health Program At No Additional Charge (Weekly Health Emails With Cutting Edge Health Information)   Please Forward This To Facebook Friends And Business Associates That May Be Interested 
We Specialize in Paces In Paces From 10 minutes per Mile to 14 minutes-15 minutes per mile.


Marathon Training Program  Starts May 9, 8AM
9:30,10,11,12 & 13/14 Minutes Per Mile Training Teams              

Training For All Marathons Late Sept Thru Nov 16(Charlotte), And Dec 14(Kiawah).   

Questions Or Details, Email: John Lineberger <>


Popular Or Interesting Fall Marathons Calendar

Peak to Creek Morganton, NC (Oct ) 300 Entries Only, Downhill

Charlotte Marathon (Nov 14)*

Rock & Roll Savannah (Nov 7)*                                

Kiawah (Dec 12)

Galloway 13.1 Atlanta (Dec 13)


We Can Put A Schedule Together For Any Other Marathon From Oct To Mid Dec.   



$159 for New Applicants $25 Tech Running Shirt For New Applicants   Free Health Email Each Week   $99 for Galloway Alumni (have been in a previous program) $25 Tech Running Shirt For All Alumni   Free Health Email Each Week   Signing Up For The Marathon Program All Registration Is Online Copy and Paste This Link:  All Registration Is Online. Copy and paste this link above!   Scroll Down To North Carolina & Click On "Register" Button For Charlotte Click on "Register" Box For "New" or "Alumni" For Marathon Program.

2020 Galloway Spring Half Marathon Program      BOGO!!!!!!! Charlotte Spring Half Marathon Training Program BOGO!!!!!!! Buy The Spring Program, And Get The Fall Program For Free!!! If the Summer is extremely hot, it becomes increasingly difficult to run long training runs. You will be given the Fall program free with your Spring program sign up fee, thus having the option, at no additional cost, to move to the Fall program, allowing you to run the long runs and your Half Marathon in late Fall when it is cooler! If you do run a September Half Marathon, you can come back into the Program, after your event, and run a late October/November Half Marathon! Special Note: When you sign up for Half Marathon Program, the Sign Up Page will make no mention of the BOGO deal-- that will be handled locally by simply moving you to the roster of Fall Program!
Half Marathon Training Program   Starts May 9:  You can use this program to set an 7, 8, 9, or 10 mile goal, and hold at that level, to develop your long distance running ability. Some will run the Half Marathon, but it is not an absolute requirement! 10,11,12,13,14 Minutes Per Mile Training Teams 

Favorite Half Marathons in early September are Rock and Roll Virginia Beach, and the Carowinds HM & Roller Coast Ride in early September. The Fall Half Marathons are unlimited.  
  Sign Up Fees - Half Marathon Program
   $95 for New Applicants $25 Tech Running Top Free for new Applicants Free Health Email Each Week     $75 for Galloway Alumni(Have been in a previous program) $25  Tech Running Top Free For All Alumni  Free Health Email Each Week     Signing Up For The Half Marathon Program All Registration Is Online. Copy and paste this link above!   Scroll Down To North Carolina & Click On "Register" Button For Charlotte Click on "Register" Box For "New" or "Alumni" For Half Marathon Program.       Information: Marathon & Half Marathon Training Program   Attention Men & Women Who Would Have To Drive A Considerable Distance Or Who Sometimes Have Saturday Commitments, Or Will Be Traveling: If you are juggling career issues, children or family issues, or have to drive a long distance to participate in the training program, HERE IS THE SOLUTION TO YOUR DILEMMA! Once we get up in mileage, the long runs will be followed the next Saturday by a short recovery run---these short recovery runs can be done at home or on vacation. Once you get your schedule, you will know when these short runs are.   If you live a considerable distance from Charlotte, you can sign up, advise us you want to be a Virtual runner, and do your training runs at your location and get all training by email.   Running In The Heat Of Summer: We are the only Training Program, that when the Summer heat arrives,will have tubs of ice water, with sponges, at the waterstops, so you can squeeze cold water from the sponges on your head and torso to cool off. This is a cooling delight when running in the Summer Heat !!!!   Waterstops - Quality Of Water:  Waterstops will feature Gatorade and bottled spring water--no flouride and chlorinated tap water at our waterstops!!!! Gatorade even made with Spring water!   Testimonials-Why The Galloway Program? Several years ago, my 10 minute per mile Pace Team team leader could not run the April SouthPark Half Marathon---so I filled in for her. Most of the runners who ran with the 10 minute Pace Team had not done the Galloway method. The team came in 1 minute 30 seconds earlier than what the pace for 13.1 miles should have been. But here was the shocker! Two of the women had run the Southpark Half Marathon the previous year (course was the same) and bettered last years time by 21 and 22 minutes respectively!!!! All ran their best time ever and all kept saying " how is it possible to take walk breaks and still run my best time ever in this race." All kept saying at the end " If I had not just experienced this, I would swear that the time I ran was not possible." The secret to all of this was simple---they had reached the last few miles without being exhausted! They ran themselves into the ground the previous year and were absolutely exhausted. The walk breaks keep you from being exhausted and allow you to finish a marathon or half marathon much stronger! Walk breaks will be 30 seconds on many teams, about the same time as hitting a water stop during a race!   PROGRAM DETAILS:Join Charlotte's largest training program,and Charlotte's most successful training program,now in its 28th year----the Jeff Galloway Training Program!  This program will have running teams for runners of all levels. The Galloway Program has helped individuals at all levels of conditioning "To Get In Shape" and train for and finish half marathons and marathons!   Chase A Dream----Join us and experience the camaraderie, the fun, and the new friends of a truly outstanding National Training Program.    LEARN THE SECRETS TO LONG DISTANCE RUNNING! WEEKLY TRAINING EMAILS: Each week , the weekly training email will unlock the "Secrets to Long Distance Running"! These secrets will then be applied to our weekly organized run.   LEARN THE SECRETS TO BEING HEALTHY!  WEEKLY HEALTH BULLETINS: Most Marathon and Half Marathon Programs are just that--training information. This Program goes beyond that to give you the equivalent of 2 programs for the price of ONE. Each week, you will get cutting-edge health information from top Doctors and Health websites, that will give you advance knowledge of health and nutrition trends long before they appear in traditional media.   ONCE THE VIRUS SITUATION DECLINES, AND THE CONDITIONS ALLOW FOR US TO RUN TOGETHER:
We meet early each Saturday morning for our weekly organized run,once the runs at home conclude. We ask you to run 2 times during the week on your own. If you currently run 3 times a week during the week, that is OK too.   We Organize You Into Teams By Like Abilities We will have enough people to create teams of like speed and ability, and thus provide you with the support and camaraderie that is so needed for long distance running. We will group you by "Like Abilities" ,so that the people you are running with ,run at a similar pace as you do. You can switch teams at any time.   The Power Of The Running In A Group  NOTHING WILL MAKE THE LONG RUNS EASIER THAN RUNNING WITH A GROUP!  By organizing you in groups by pace, you will watch unfold before your eyes, the wonderful "Magic" that occurs when you run in a group. The group will literally "pull you along" as you cultivate new friends and swap funny stories ------after all, we encourage you to have a good time on the runs because it make time go by faster and distance seem shorter! Join us and see why training is much more fun the Galloway way,and how running with a group eliminates the long ,lonely, and monotonous hours of training by yourself! YOU WILL ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOALS MUCH EASIER RUNNING WITH A GROUP!   The Magic Of Jeff Galloway's Method For Long Training Runs and The Actual Marathon We will teach you the "Magic" of Jeff Galloway's method of adding 30 second walk breaks during the run. This allows the legs to recover and to save energy for the back half of the run where it is truly needed,and will  reduce injuries you can incur doing long distance training. Those that are training for their 1st Marathon often assume they do not need any type of walk break, and my answer to that is "Wait to you get to 20 miles -the next 6 miles will not be like any 6 miles you have ever run!"   Runs Each Week We will get together early each Saturday morning for our Weekly organized run---this will be the long run for the week and will increase in distance according to the schedule you will get.. We will ask you to run on your own at your convenience 2 times during the week for 30-45 minutes per run---these runs are the same each week.Runs during week can be what you usually do.   BUYING NEW RUNNING SHOES BEFORE THE PROGRAM STARTS:   If you are going to purchase new running shoes before the Program starts, email us at  and we will email you some info on buying running shoes and special inserts you can buy for your shoes to reduce the impact of running on your knees and back. We also can arrange a 10% discount for you on running shoes and the special inserts.  
            ALL NEW APPLICANTS TO THE MARATHON TRAINING PROGRAM  WILL RECEIVE THE FOLLOWING:   A Comprehensive Training Schedule(Schedule will request that you run twice during the week on your own and run  our Group long run on Saturday)   $25 technical running shirt   -Discounts at Charlotte Running Company:  10% on Shoes, Apparel, and Accessories.   -Weekly Health Bulletins: Info from top Doctors with cutting edge info. Vitamin, Minerals, and Supplements info.   - How To Create Energy For Long Training Runs   Introduction to the new running fuels that eliminate so many of the problems associated with sugar based energy sources.   - Advice on Best Shoes To Run Long Distance   Information on Electrolyte Management On Long Runs - this is critical in the Summer Heat.   How to avoid I T Band injury.   -Tubs of ice water with sponges to cool off in the Summer heat!   -Training With People of Like Ability--At the 1st meeting we will determine what pace you should be running. We will put you on teams with people who run your pace. However, you are not "locked in" to a team and can change pace teams as you desire. -   - Weekly Emails that " Unlock the Secrets of Long Distance Running."                  --Specific Instruction on how to hold down injuries.   -Instructors/Team Leaders running with you during training runs.   -Weekly maps of the Saturday run    -Best Waterstops In Charlotte. We use no Tap Water----we provide the cleanest water of any Charlotte Running Program---- no chloride, no fluoride, and no aluminum.    -Introduce you to the power of the running group and how you can accomplish running goals much easier with a group than you can alone. -Specific Instruction on how to achieve the energy levels necessary for long runs.  -Specific Instruction on nutrition.   -Specific Instruction on hot and cold weather running,and rest and recovery.   -You can run with other Galloway Groups if you are traveling, or at some major running events. Galloway Groups are now in 85 cities and over 8000 people were enrolled in the program last year . See for a list of cities!     John Lineberger---Charlotte Galloway Program Director Marathon Questions email:
Half Marathon Questions email
:   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Directions:      The Location And The Directions To The Location Of The Weekly Saturday Morning Training Run Will Be Issued As Soon As Conditions Allow Us To Run Together.      
Uptown Childress-Klein YMCA • 301 S College St Ste 200 CharlotteNC  28202 Get Directions

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