Why Was Michael Jordan So Good?

I have had the privilege to be the skills director for the Michael Jordan Brand workout camp.

I spent the last two years with Jordan's people--the general manager of his company, the business manager of his affairs in the Jordan Brand, and his workout trainer, Tim Grover.

I've spent countless hours reading all of MJ's books, watching his movies, and studying his game film. He was about three things every day during his entire basketball career:

  1. His body. He wanted to be in the best possible shape he could. He lifted weights, ate right and made sure he was in the best physical condition he could be in.
  2. His skill. He wanted to turn his weakness into strength. He did not want to have a flaw. So for five hours, five days a week he worked on his skill during the offseason.
  3. His competitiveness. Jordan hated losing! He would kill an ant with a sledgehammer. Enough said.

So, as a lesson to all players, if you can concentrate on these three areas then you will have a winning balance and have the edge to accomplish your goals.

As a person, Jordan focused on four things. These four things are what he tries to portray in his life and in his Jordan Brand product:

  1. Authentic: He wants to have a raw passion for what he is doing in his life.
  2. Being uncompromised: He wants to demand excellence from his company and himself everyday. Nothing less than your best.
  3. Earning It: He wants to earn everything. He does not want to be given something. He thinks if you earn your success then you value it more, and this will help you continue to work harder.
  4. Aspiration: MJ always wants to have high expectations. He wants to do things that have never been done before. He wants to live outside the box. He wants to exceed his own expectations.

Michael Jordan is a great role model for being a champion on the basketball court, and in the business world.

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