The Ultimate Guide to Playing Point Guard

Point guards are the heart of a basketball team. The engine. The quarterback.

A basketball team can't play in sync without a strong point guard leading the way. Point guards need to be able to dribble, pass, play defense and shoot the basketball. But they also have to make quick decisions, read and react, be a leader and be responsible.

If you're a point guard--or want to be a point guard--let this guide help you improve your game. From ball handling to leadership to passing to strength and conditioning, this is the ultimate guide for playing point guard to the best of your ability--and helping take your team to the top.

Ball Handling

The ball is always in the point guard's hand, so strong ball handling skills is a must. Visit iHoops' ball handling section to learn more, or improve your ability by following these tips:

5 Crossover Dribbling Techniques: Here are different crossovers that point guards use to maintain possession.


Setting your team up for the best shot sometimes means taking it yourself. Here are keys to getting off a clean shot--and swishing it.

Shooting off the Dribble: Picking up your dribble and nailing a jumper isn't easy, but this animation will help you improve.

The Shot Fake for Perimeter Players: A fundamentally sound pump fake is perfect for getting seperation from a defender for a shot. Here are keys to the perfect shot fake.


Passing is an aspect of basketball that must be a strength for any point guard. Here are some tips to making sure your passes set your teammates up perfectly without any turnovers.

Passing Fundamentals With Steve Nash: Watch as one of the NBA's all-time great point guards demonstrate the basics of passing.

Point Guard's Guide to Feeding the Post: Learn the proper fundamentals of working the ball inside to your forwards.

Perimeter Defense

The work doesn't stop when your team loses possession. Here are tips for playing strong perimeter defense and helping your team make a big stop.

6 Perimeter Defense Tips: Defense is largely effort, but are some fundamentals to keep in mind to help your D.

2-on-1 Fast Break Defense Tips for Point Guards: Point guards often find themselves on the wrong end of a 2-on-1 fastbreak. Here's what Duke University's coaching staff recommends for those situations.


Point guards are expected to be the captain of the floor. Pick up the necessary qualities of a great leader by following this advice:

5 Steps to Being a Great Leader: "Great leaders make the impossible seem possible." Learn how to be the one who inspires your teammates.

5 Ways to Separate Yourself From the Pack: Do the little things to make yourself the best player on the floor, and become the classic leader by example.

Strength and Conditioning

Being a great point guard is more than an on-court job. Get your body ready to lead your team with these guard-specific strength and conditioning tips.

The Definitive 6-Week Guard Workout: This training plan will get any guard faster, stronger and quicker for next season.

3 Drills for an Explosive First Step: The first step is crucial for a ball handler. Here are workouts that will make you quicker than your opponent.

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