The Power Forward's Responsibilities

The power forward must excel on the defensive end of the court. He not only has to be a tremendous defensive rebounder, but, he must be able to play outstanding defense in the post. Often times the power forward is called upon to guard the other team’s center—given that his own center finds himself in foul trouble.

The strength of a team’s ability to fastbreak lies in the power forward, who should almost always lead his team in rebounding. His ability to take the ball off the glass and throw the outlet to his point guard with both speed and efficiency is imperative to fast break points.

On the offensive end, a good power forward creates second-chance opportunities for his team by grabbing offensive rebounds, providing his team with another possession.

Also, he must be able to hit the open jump shot, as he often finds himself as the man left open when defenses are attempting to shut down his center or one of his team’s sharp-shooting guards.

Power forwards also must provide that intangible spark for their team: his physical and mental toughness should fire up his teammates. He should be the ultimate “leader by example.”

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