Step Slides

Drill Name:

Step Slides

Major Skill Area:

Defensive Footwork

Drill Details/Instructions:

1. Players should be lined up along the baseline facing the instructor

2. Instructor should be positioned on the sideline

3. Players should begin in a fundamental defensive position with their feet wide, knees bent and on their toes

4. Players should step with their lead (front) foot first and then step with their back foot – six inch steps

5. Players should step-slide to half court and back

Drill Philosophy (Why):

• Step slides teach players the correct stance for on-the-ball defense. The step and slide method gets players to understand the footwork involved with playing defense. This drill builds strength in the legs and feet which carries over to other skills on the court.

Point(s) of Emphasis:

• Players should go slow and really concentrate on not crossing their feet

• Hands should be behind their back

• Players should stay low and on their toes throughout the entire drill

Common Corrections:

• Make sure players are not standing up – a tendency when they get tired

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