Getting Started

The shooting team:There are 5 players on each team. One team is on the court. Each of the players on the court occupies one of five designated shoot spots: one at the free-throw line, two at each elbow of the key, and two on side of the key about 15 feet from at basket and at a 45 degree angle to it. Each of the players has a ball.

The non-shooting team:Each of the players is behind the baseline with a ball.

The Game

On a signal, the players on the court begin shooting. Each player retrieves his/her own ball, returns to his/her shooting spot, and shoots again. The players off the court dribble figure eights and in unison count out loud the baskets scored. When seven baskets are scored, the teams switch roles.

Declaring a Winner

Declaring a winner involves timing each team to determine the time it takes make seven baskets. The timing starts on the signal to begin the shooting and ends on the count of seven. The team making seven baskets in the shortest time is the winner.

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