Station-to-Station Hitting Drills

Improve your hitters' bat speed and swing mechanics with this three-station drill series.

Note: Though you'll be setting up three distinct stations on the field alll you'll need is a bat, at least three balls and another player to toss the ball to the hitter. (A hitting net would also be helpful with numerous repetitions.)

Station 1

  1. Top hand should hold bottom thumb to simulate holding a bat. Top hand should also hold a ball. Throw the ball into a net for all direction of hits (pull, middle, opposite field). The throw causes arms to extend and rolls wrist to attain a down and in or out swing.
  2. The "Slap" technique involves two players. Have one player kneel in front of batter with a hand outstretched in the strike zone. The batter then swings at the outstretched hand and slaps it with both hands. This keeps the front shoulder in.
  3. For a player that sweeps, stick a batting glove under the front armpit to ensure that the swing stays closed and the batter doesn't fly open.

Station 2

Make sure that on these drills, the batter is in his full stride, but weight is back.

  1. Rapid Fire: Use three balls and soft toss them immediately upon contact, one right after the other. This develops quick hands.
  2. Drop ball: Have a batter and tosser stand parallel with each other with the left foot in line with the left foot of each. The tosser drops the ball from eye level and from a knee. You may think that the players may be too close to each other, and that is a legitimate thought. If the batter doesn't swing correctly, he will hit the tosser. This provides a little encouragement for the batter.
  3. Fastball Drill: It is soft toss but from a distance and with more speed. Tosser stands to the side of batter and about 10 feet away and tosses underhand with a little bit more on the ball.
  4. Back feed Extension: It is soft toss from behind the batter. Stand about 5 feet directly behind the batter and toss ball into strike zone. The batter can look at the tosser the first few times, but then must do it blindly. Develops quick hands.

Station 3

  1. Batter kneels and tosser throws ball to bill of cap to emphasize that the batter chops down at the ball.
  2. Batter stands and same drill as above, except tosser throws to nose level and out in front.
  3. Use two "T's." Place a ball on the front "T" about two inches lower than back "T." Swing to hit ball on front "T."

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