Relay Race Baserunning Drill

Looking for a way to spice up your team's baserunning work? Here's a relay drive perfect for getting your squad's blood pumping and running skills up to par.

How to Run the Relay Drill

Instead of the traditional "run the bases before we end practice" routine, we let our kids do the following:

Split the team in half, with one group of kids behind home plate and other half behind second base. Give the first kid of each group a ball (this will be the "baton" for the relay race). 

At "GO!" the first kid from each team begins running the bases, ball in hand. After making a complete lap around the bases (back to each kid's starting point), that kid hands the ball off to the next kid in line, who continues the relay race. First group of kids to finish the race wins.

Why the Drill is so Effective

Our kids often beg for rematches and will VOLUNTARILY run the race ALL OUT at least three or four times. Even the coaches participate on occasions. The kids love it. Good luck running it with your own team.

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