How to Teach the Sacrifice Bunt

How to Teach the Sacrifice Bunt

Sacrifice bunting is an offensive strategy designed to advance a runner (1B) into scoring position (2B)--allowing the next batter to drive in a run with a base hit.

Bunt Fundamentals

Anyone who can catch a ball can bunt a ball. From a regular batting stance the bunter rotates his upper body towards the pitcher.

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The bat should be positioned almost horizontally (top hand slightly higher than bottom hand) at the top of the strike zone and in front of the chest and head.

It's All in the Grip

The bat is held by keeping the bottom hand in place but sliding the top hand up toward the middle. The top hand grip must control the bat head but keep fingers from wrapping around, for safety upon contact.

In a balanced position, maintain plate coverage. As the pitch nears the point of contact, flex knees and align bat with both hands. Then simply "catch" the ball with the bat barrel.

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How the Drill Works

Drill: Bunting Target Game

Purpose: To practice accurate sacrifice bunting to third base and first base

Equipment: Bat, batting helmet, baseballs and eight plastic cones

Setup: Place two cones down each baseline in fair territory, 15 and 30 feet from home plate (adult field) or 10 and 20 feet (youth field). Place the remaining two cones six feet in from each foul line. Each target area forms a rectangle.

Execution: Practice landing bunted balls into scoring rectangles. Remember to use the first base line with a runner on first base, use the third base line with runners on first and second base. Running this drill effectively in practice will translate to more runs in your games.

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