Coach's Guide to Taking Infield

The most important pre-game ritual in all of baseball is the act of taking infield. Not only does it warm-up your infielders but it can provide a sense of camaraderie among your players in those crucial moments before the game starts.

We take infield with two fungos going at once; outfield is taken with one fungo. (Editor's Note: Fungo is a term for someone who hits balls tossed in the air to players in the field in a practice setting. They may or may not use fungo bats, bats specifically designed for this action.)

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Stage 1: Ground Balls

In the infield one fungo is placed to the third base side of the diamond, while the other is on the first base side of the diamond.

The third base side fungo hits ground balls to the second and first basemen, while the fungo on the first base side hits fungos to the third baseman and shortstop--balls are brought back by their respective shaggers.

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Stage 2: Double Play

The first base fungo hits ground balls to the third baseman, who then throws to first base. The third base fungo hits ground balls to the second baseman and shortstop, who work on turning the double play. They throw to a short first baseman, who can be your right fielder.

Stage 3: Throw to First

The third stage is when the first base fungo hits ground balls to the short stop, who throws to first. The third base fungo hits ground balls to third and he throws to second for the double play as the second baseman throws to the short first baseman.

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Stage 4: Pressure Situations

Finally one of the fungos leaves and the other hits ground balls to a drawn-in infield.

First, they check the runner at third and go to first. Second, they field a ground ball and throw home as if the runner was trying to score. Thirdly, they field a ground ball, as if bases were loaded, and throw to home, with the catcher going to first for the double play. Finally, they field a slow roller where their only play is at first and come off the field.

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