Baserunning Drill

To be a good base runner you don't have to be the fastest player on your team. But you do have to be aware of the play around you--thinking always two bases ahead and how am I going to accomplish it.

The key is hard work (practice), desire and hustle. A coach once told me, "A good base runner must maximize his speed with minimal strides." These tips I hope will help you with your base-running.

    Stomping the bag

  • When running to first base have the player hit the top of the bag with their right foot--thereby "stomping the bag."
  • Have a coach stand about four paces behind the bag up the baseline.
  • The players should break down the line with chopping steps; getting their butts low to the ground and coming to a stop before reaching the coach.
  • This way they are in an aggressive position ready to take advantage of an overthrow or be prepared to return back to first base if they are ruled safe.
  • Rounding the bases

  • When rounding a base coaches should remember the focus is on maximizing speed with minimum steps.
  • Players should leak " ) "out of the base path when running and squaring up their shoulders to the corner of the base.
  • Don't run the "?" path because this takes momentum away from the base runner.
  • Don't worry about which foot you hit the corner of the base with just don't stutter step to the corner because this will diminish your speed.

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