Jessica Kisiel Contributing Writer

Jessica is an avid outdoor sports enthusiast. A former pro mountain biker, Jessica specialized in endurance events. In 2004 she was honored to represent the USA at the Mountain Bike World Marathon Championships. That same year she was a 24-hour race champion. Her road racing victories include the Ironhorse in the 35+ category.

Jessica was plagued with knee injuries and surgeries during her cycling career. Shortly following the peak of her cycling achievements, Jessica was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in her hip and suffered debilitating back pain that forced her off the bike. Too young for the recommended hip replacement surgery, she explored alternative therapies and discovered the Egoscue Method® of posture alignment therapy. Through realigning her body and regaining lost muscle function, she’s been able to return to sports and competitive athletics, including mountain biking, trail running and cross-country skiing.

Through her work, Jessica is dedicated to informing athletes about the importance of maintaining a balanced body for injury prevention and optimal performance. Find more articles on posture and sports on her blog. For a free informational consultation, contact Jessica at to learn more.

Jessica's Race Resume

  • 2014 Alley Loop Classic Ski Marathon, 3rd Overall
  • 2013 Daw 'til Dusk Mountain Bike Race, Duo Female Champion
  • 2012 Turkey Track Trail Marathon, 3rd in age group
  • 2011 New Mexico Age Group Mountain Bike State Champion
  • 2010 North Routt Coureur Des Bois Classic Ski Marathon Champion
  • 2006 Singel Speed State Champion
  • 2005 Mountain Bike World Cup Competitor
  • 2004 Mountain Bike World Marathon Championships, Team USA Member
  • 2004 24 Hours of Adrenalin Mountain Bike Race Champion
  • 2003 Iron Horse Road Race Champion, 35+