5 Family Activities for National Healthy Kids Day

As a parent, you want your children to live a long and healthy life. There's no better time to start teaching your children about healthy living than on National Healthy Kids Day on May 19.

Head outdoors and discover nature or create a few delicious and healthy recipes. Whatever you decide to do, just have fun and try to incorporate these ideas into your weekly activities with the family.

Here are five fun ideas everyone can enjoy together:

Hit the Trails

Grab your trail mix, hiking shoes and sunscreen and spend the day outside appreciating nature. As you stroll on the trails, discover what type of plants, trees and animals are in that environment.

This is a great activity to teach your kids about nature, spend time together and get a good workout in. Your kids will associate exercise with fun if you make it interesting.

Pedal Away

Why not leave the car keys home and head to your favorite sandwich shop, store, or just explore. Not only is biking a great workout, but you're teaching your kids that choosing to bike from point A to point B is saving the environment. Plus, you'll save a few bucks on gas.

Make sure everyone wears their helmet and obeys the road laws.

Lace Up Your Shoes

No you don't need to run miles with your kids, but you can make a game out of running. Why not play tag? Or just see who can run to the end of the block and back the quickest. Or, sign up for a family 5K and spend time training together.

Make the run fun-find a scenic route and discover new areas of your neighborhood. Your kids will burn tons of energy and you'll burn calories. It's a win win.

Family Competition

Create teams and have a friendly game of baseball, basketball, football or soccer. You can do adults vs. kids, boys vs. girls or your family vs. the next door neighbors. It's fun and you'll be able to work as a team under pressure.

Keep in mind there are many team sports-roller hockey, kickball or volleyball are a few more ideas. 

What's in Your Food?

Teach your children about healthy nutrition and have them cook with you. Not only will they learn about ingredients, but they'll utilize their math skills. They'll have to figure out fractions and ounces while cooking.

Also, this can help them understand different ingredients they are using and why our bodies need this fuel. Cooking together will teach them that it's fun, easy and tasty.

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Fara Rosenzweig is the online editor for Active Family, Gear, Mind and Body, Walking and Women

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