5 Ways for Triathletes to Stay Fit in the Offseason

Ahh, the offseason. Time to put away the bike, temporarily retire the racing flats and take it easy, right?

Not quite.

While taking a break from serious racing and training during the winter is the best way to recharge your batteries, it's also the ideal time to build your base, focus on improving on your weaknesses, and explore new ways to stay fit. Here are five ideas to do just that.

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Keep Racing

Just because it's 10-below outside doesn't mean you can't stay competitive. Many tri clubs and gyms offer indoor races throughout the winter, typically transitioning from an indoor pool to spin bikes and treadmills. And since this format is usually short (Lifetime Fitness's Indoor Tri Series, for example, features a 10 minute swim, 30 minute bike and 20 minute run), it's perfect for newbies or those coming back from injury.

Plus, if you win, you'll be able to score some major bragging rights as the fastest triathlete in the gym.

Get In the Swim

Another way to keep those competitive fires burning? Enter a few Masters swim meets. Sure, you may not have mastered that flip turn just yet, but racing a few events can help you improve your stroke and speed, which can ultimately assist you in the open water.

Not ready to dive right into racing? Training with a masters team is still one of the best ways to keep fit and become a better swimmer. Head to www.usms.org to find a group near you.

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