Ski Tips: Dressing for Cold Weather

Temperatures have plummeted in the western U.S.?How do you stay warm on a cold day??

On a day of single digit or below zero temperatures (Fahrenheit), most people pack it in.?There are a couple of things you can do to keep yourself warm on a cold day.

Dress Appropriately

Remember to layer. You can always take off or put on more layers depending on how cold it is outside.

Take Breaks

On cold days not as many people are skiing or riding so you can take a break to warm up and then head right back out to the slopes.

Ski/Ride Non-Stop Runs

It is still early in the season so you may or may not have the stamina for a top-to-bottom run.? However, skiing or riding top-to-bottom will warm up your muscles and keep you warm as a result.

Make Shorter, Quick Turns

After your muscles are warmed up, keep them warm by making quick, small turns.? The quantity of the turns will make your muscles move and could be burning by mid-run.

Use Warmers

Using hand and feet warmers or boot heaters, you can keep your extremities warm.? Usually, your hands and feet are the first things to get cold since they are further away from your heart

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