What You Need to Know for a Trailer Camping Adventure

Important Towing Tips

Truck or no truck, you can tow a trailer behind most cars. However, the car you use to tow will dictate the trailer you're able to get, how fast you can drive, and more.

Check your manual: Every car manual will specify the weight you can tow, and how fast you can go for a safe drive. This is different for every car, so check yours before renting or buying a trailer.

Have all the hookups: Safety chains are necessary to keep your trailer up and off the road in the event that it becomes unhitched. If you have brake lights installed on the camper, be sure all the electrical is hooked up properly.

Check local laws: Some states have regulations on towing trailers. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Installing trailer mirrors
  • Equipping your trailer with safety glass
  • Having a trailer driver
  • Installing independent brakes
  • Installing visual brake lights on the trailer

These are not required in all states, and may not be a requirement in yours, which is why it's important to check. Speak with your local DMV, and those within the states you'll be traveling through to be sure.

Trailer camping is the best of both worlds: you can enjoy the wilderness with nearly all the luxuries of home. Enjoy your next trip from the comfort of your trailer.

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