What You Need to Know for a Trailer Camping Adventure

If you love waking up with the sun, but your back just can't take another long night on the ground, perhaps trailer camping will solve your dilemma. With all the benefits of tent camping and home living in one space, you'll have a luxurious wilderness experience, without the backache. Get all the details before heading out on your first adventure.

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Who Should Invest in a Trailer?

While most campers are candidates for this sport, there are a few adventurers who would benefit the most.

  • Families: With small children in tow, having a safe sleeping space for them can set your mind at ease. For some, a trailer might provide a better night's sleep for both parents and children alike. Not to mention, there's more space for storing extra blankets, food and toys.
  • Truck owners: Trailers are heavy to tow, and for larger trailers it's recommended you do so with a truck that can handle the load, especially on a longer trip. If you already own a truck, you're one step ahead.
  • Frequent campers: If you're hitting the dusty trail more often than you pull into your own driveway, this is a great option for you. Retired travelers will especially benefit from trailer camping: instead of checking in and out of hotels, you can keep everything in your trailer, and avoid packing and unpacking at every stop.

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Which Trailer Should You Get?

Not all trailers are created equal, and one type may be better for you than others. So, which one should you choose? See what sets them apart.

Travel Trailers: These range from 10 to 35 feet in length, the largest of which can often fit up to eight people. These are made of hard material all around, but have pop-out options.

  • Look for: A middle pop-out; when traveling this part stays in. Pop it out when you park for more space.

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