I Met a Bear

I Met a Bear

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I met a bear
Out in the woods
Away out there

He looked at me
I looked at him
He sized up me
I sized up him

He says to me
"Why don't you run?
Cause I can see
You have no gun."

I says to him
"That's a good idea
Now legs get going
Get me out of here!"

I began to run
Away from there,
But right behind me
Was that bear

And on the path
Ahead of me
I saw a tree
Oh glory be

The lowest branch
Was ten feet up
I'd have to jump
And trust to luck

And so I jumped
Into the air,
But I missed that branch
Away up there

Now don't you fret
And don't you frown
I caught that branch
On the way back down

That's all there is
There ain't no more
Unless I meet
That bear once more

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