How To Begin Telemark Skiing

Have you always wanted to experience telemark skiing and are entirely confused on how to?start? Join the?ranks of many driven skiers?thirsty for more information on this clandestine sport. Locally there is little support for the adventurist.

My own entry into the sport was motivated by an admiration for the majestic?styling of the telemark style that transforms linked turns into a ribbon of graceful movements down the slope.?Once a rare sight,?in recent years telemark skiing has become more and more popular?with free heelers appearing in?lift lines and on the slopes everywhere.

The added advantage being the able to use tele skis and a non-slip surface applied to the base (skinning) to?hike up mountains can be the most thrilling form of exercise for winter enthusiasts.?

How do you begin?

Firstly, if you are not at least an advanced intermediate to expert skier, this is a sport?you should not?entertain, period. Keep in mind there is no ejecting from the cable and plate style of bindings. If a fall is likely for you on alpine skis on your average run, it is far more likely on telemark skis and will be far more damaging.

Secondly, do you have the legs to take an immense amount of quad work? When looking for used gear time and time again I read the following statement: "Used once" indicating many find it too be too much after just one try. Cyclists, runners and martial artists will fair well, but if you are not active in general, this will take some adjustment! The burn and lactic acid build up one experiences on a 40 minute run can be grueling. This is good for us opportunists perusing used gear.

Start a strength training program

Consider?starting a strength training program to?build up your quads with?low repetitions of squats and lunges?and build upon those sets. Try 2-3 sets of each, squats and lunges with reps of 6 and increase the reps, then the sets to get results. You can add in light dumbbells for additional leg work.?Just 5 then 8 to 10 lbs will be?noticable. Gradually increase the difficulty level and eventually maintain a 4 set, 15 rep regiment about 2 to 3 times a week.

Attend a Clinic or Festival

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