GCI Wilderness Chair Review

Tom Guenter of Byron, New York

The GCI Wilderness Recliner was reviewed by experienced camper Tom Guenter of Byron, New York.

Q: How many times do you go camping per year?
A: I normally go about twice a year.

Q: How many times did you use your Wilderness Recliner during the test period?
A: I only used it once during an outdoor sporting event, but I plan on taking it with me on my next camping trip.

Q: Where did you use the Wilderness Recliner?
A: I used it in my backyard for a neighborhood bonfire.
Q: Was the chair comfortable after it was set up?
A: Yes, it was really comfortable and provided enough back support.

Q: Did you like the reclining feature?
A: Yes, a lot of chairs that are similar to this one don't have that feature. It really sets it apart from other lawn chairs.

Q: Was the pivoting cup holder useful?
A: Yes, I used it to hold all my drinks and I never had a spill.

Q: Were the wooden arm rests comfortable?
A: Yes, they were comfortable and wide enough for my arms.

Q: Did you use the back-strap to carry the recliner?
A: Yes, I wore it like a backpack and I was able to carry other items since my hands were free.

Q: Do you think this is an essential piece of equipment for an outdoor trip?
A: Yes, if you spend endless hours around the campfire then this is the perfect chair because it is so comfortable.

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