Directory of Outdoor Guides

Directory of Outdoor Guides

From extreme sports like rock climbing to kicking back while camping, here are Active's guides for getting outside.

Share This Hiking

Hiking 101

Hit the trails for the easiest--and cheapest--way to get a workout. Your reward? Fantastic views and better health. Here's how to get started.

On the Trail

Performance on the Trails

Learn how to acclimate, hydrate, and avoid bonking with this guide to performance on the trails.

Adventure Racing

Your Guide to Adventure Racing

Looking for a change from the same old boring races? Sign up for an adventure race and infuse your training with some multisport mania.

Rock Climbing

Beginner's Guide to Rock Climbing

You don't have to have super strength to have fun rock climbing. From bouldering to lead climbing, this guide will help you learn the lingo, gear up, and get started.

White-Water Rafting

How to Guide for Outdoor Sports

Nothing gets you more amped to play than watching other people have all the fun. Go from spectator to athlete with this beginner's guide to outdoor sports.


Fun Outdoor Sports for Summer

Burn calories while having fun. Summer is the best time to spice up your workouts. Here's how to get started in 10 outdoor sports.

Spring Trail

10 Activities for Spring

Dust off your winter blues with these fun ways to celebrate spring.


Winter Sports Guide

Don't let the cold and snow chase you indoors this winter. These sports are sure to keep you warm, energized, and enjoying the outdoors all season long.


How to Improve Your Skiing

Whether you are a park rat or a backcountry bum, take your skiing to the next level with these tips and exercises.

Family Camping

Camping Tips

Make camping easier with these tips on getting organized, cooking at camp, starting campfires and more.


Camping Checklists

Don't get stuck in the wilderness without your favorite gear. Stay organized with these printable and customizable checklists.

Singing Around Campfire

Guide to Traditional Camp Songs

Liven things up at camp with these campfire classics.

Camping Gear

Camping Gear: What to Bring on Your Trip

Get your gear straight; simplify your packing strategy with these tips on how to buy the right gear and what to bring on a camping trip.

Sleeping Bag

Camping Gear Reviews

Make camping more convenient with these tools for a comfortable campsite.

Cooking at Camp

Tools for Cooking at Your Campsite

Make cooking at camp more convenient with these these items reviewed by campers like you.

Mountain Biker

Active Towns

Looking for a place you can live and play? These towns cater to the active lifestyle.


10 Places You Should Take Your Kids

Forget expensive theme parks: Take your family camping and see some of the most beautiful destinations in the U.S.

Camping Dog

10 Dog-Friendly Campgrounds

Camping is more fun with a four-legged friend. Pitch your tent at one of these pet-friendly parks out West.

Bryce Canyon

9 National Parks to Put on Your Radar

You don't have to travel far from home to enjoy America's national parks. Here are nine places to get you started.

Grand Canyon

Insider's Guide to the Great Parks

Plan your trip today with these tips on what trails to wander, and where to eat and sleep, at some of America's favorite outdoor destinations.


12 Waterfront Campgrounds

Cool off at one of these lake- and river-side campgrounds. Activities like boating, fishing, sailing and swimming provide endless summer fun.

Sea Otter Classic

9 Camping-Friendly Races

Save money on your next race by trading the expensive hotel room for a cozy campsite. Here are nine races--under $100--that have camping close by. Your reward: Beautiful scenery and more stable bank accounts.

Palm Tree

10 Beachfront Campgrounds in the Sunshine State

Whether you're up in the panhandle or down in the Keys, Florida's coasts are vast, beautiful and full of family-friendly camping activities. Here are 10 of the best places to set up camp and enjoy Florida's breath-taking beaches.


11 Golden Coast Campgrounds Runners Will Love

Ever dream of running the California coast? You can make it happen, and these shoreside campsites can help. Here are a few places to mix California beach camping with your passion to run.


7 Bike-Friendly Coastal Campgrounds

Whether you're packing up the panniers for a self-guided bike tour, craving some sunshine after singletrack riding or on a quest for some quality time with the family, check out these seven beach-side camping destinations.


9 Beach-Camping Spots on the Pacific Coast

From San Diego to the Pacific Northwest, here are nine fabulous beach destinations to take the family this summer.

Fall Foliage

15 Popular Campgrounds for Fall

Pitch your tent at one of these campgrounds and enjoy everything from fishing to autumn foliage.

Colorado Cabin

12 Unique Cabin Rentals

Stay warm in the outdoors at one of these campgrounds that offer cozy cabin rentals for winter.

Cross-Country Skiers

5 Campgrounds for Winter Sports Fanatics

Strap on your snowshoes, rev up your snowmobiles, and wax your skis. These cold-weather campsites offer hot activities.

Death Valley

5 Outdoor Escapes for Winter

Skip the ski slopes and take the family camping. Here are five places where lodging is cheaper than a lift ticket.


Weekend Getaways for Winter

Make the most of your winter with these cold-weather adventures.

Local Food

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Here are a few ways you can be a little more green and help protect your playground in the process.

New England Camping

8 Great Campgrounds in New England

New England has some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States. Here is your chance to see it up close with these eight camping destinations from Connecticut to the Maine coastline.

Saltwater Fishing

6 Saltwater Fishing Campgrounds

These campgrounds offer plenty of exciting surf and pier fishing opportunities—not to mention exceptional natural beauty and sights to make the most of a weekend getaway.

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