7 Ways to Enhance Your Everyday Hike

Hitting the hiking trail is a great way to get a breath of fresh air and stay active. But there are a few ways that you can take those ordinary hikes and make them extraordinary, not to mention more memorable. Read on for seven tips to enhance your hike. 

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1. Make Your Smart Phone Camera Worthy

Documenting and sharing your hike is the best way to remember it. Unfortunately, carrying an expensive, high-tech lens can be risky as well as a physical burden on your body. Instead, hone your iPhone photography skills and invest in a waterproof case so you can snap every gorgeous view you see. 

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2. Go It Alone

If you aren't confident in your hiking skills, or are unfamiliar of the region, then ignore this advice and go with a group. Safety is the most important part of any hike, and you should always be honest with your hiking skill level before lacing up your boots.

However, if you hike in familiar territory or have extensive experience with the sport, then opt for a solo mission. Some benefits include hiking at your own pace, stopping when you want, taking photos at any time, and enjoying some contemplative solace—just you and nature.

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3. Go With a Motivating Group

It's always rejuvenating to take a hike with your best friend, especially if you're both on the same page in terms of fitness and the workout you hope to get.

But, it's also good to go with a small group of people who are not only physically compatible with you, but who can provide you with a healthy challenge. Going with other hikers who will push you harder, faster, steeper and longer will take your usual hike up a notch. 

4. Make It a Yoga Hike

You can find an organized yoga hike in your area or incorporate it into your solo hikes. Not only does this help unite your mind and body with the natural world around you, but it adds stretching and strengthening to a standard hiking routine.

To do poses, you can use a yoga mat bag or sling. On the other hand, you can opt for no mat at all and find flat surfaces where your hands and feet won't slip.

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