5 Simple Tips for Better Campsite Cooking

Precooked rice is not as light to pack as dehydrated meals would be. Still, it doesn't require water, which is another factor to consider when meal planning.

To keep these staples from getting mundane, think simple spices.

"We also bought freeze-dried garlic and jalapeno peppers at the very beginning of our trip and it lasted almost across the whole country," Ozug says. "They made even the blandest meals pretty edible, and made the good meals even better."

Don't Forget Clean Up

A sponge is a simple addition to your packing list to make cleaning up easier. Also, consider the amount of clean up a meal requires when meal planning. Cheesy pasta might sound like a great camping meal, but think about the time and effort it will take to clean up that pot after dinner.

Is the clean up time worth it? Remember water and hot water can be scarce and cleaning a pot with intermittent cold water can be time consuming and ineffective.

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Cook for Your Level of Activity

Between camping, Ozug and his group of cyclists peddled anywhere from 60 to 100 miles per day, requiring lots of fuel. Even if you're planning a far less ambitious trip, it's important to pack enough food to keep yourself properly fueled.

Ozug says to consider prices, size and calories when combining camping and rigorous activity. 

"There was no reason to buy expensive bars or snacks when we are just going to burn off all the calories," Ozug says. "When you snack every 10 minutes for 10 straight hours, cheap is the way to go."

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