10 Things to Leave Off Your Campsite Packing List

If you've seen any camping checklist then you can understand how everything and the kitchen sink can add up when it comes time to pack and unload, and then pack it back up and put it away when you get home. Wouldn't it be nice for someone to tell you what you don't need while camping?

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Here you go: 10 items you can take off your packing list.

1. Excess Clothing

Let's face it ladies, you like to have "options" when traveling, but is there an exception for camping? Yes, because the space is tight, you're outdoors, and you really aren't going to wear that pink cardigan with your new skinny jeans, and tall brown boots.

Be smart and practical with what your packing list. Think to yourself: "Am I really going to wear this?" If yes, pack it; if not, ditch it.

2. Valuables

Don't bring anything you don't want to get dirty, beat up, or possibly over-worn, like your new iPad, sunglasses, Rolex, or anything else you don't want ruined.

3. Electronics

Though not everyone agrees, for some a camping trip is more relaxing when you leave your laptop, iPad, Kindle or cell phone at home. Take a break, snap a few photos and then put your phone away for the rest of the trip.

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4. Appliances

Leave your coffee maker, blender, and any other kitchen appliance off the packing list. Not only may you not be able to use it, but you can heat your food over the campfire just as easily. Leave excess coffee cups, wine glasses, dinner plates, and silverware at home too.

5. Toiletries

Leave the makeup kit, shaving cream, perfume, and after-shave at home. Instead, enjoy "roughing it." If you want to clean up, bring a washcloth and a bottle of Dr. Bronner's. With this organic soap you can wash your hair, body and teeth.

6. Blowup Mattress

Leave the bulky blowup mattress at home. Instead, go to REI, Sports Chalet or your local outdoors store for an inflatable sleeping mat that's half the size of your blowup mattress and provides the same amount of comfort. Your packing list will appreciate the extra room.

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