10-Day Lantern Review

Ron Persall of Wetumka, Alabama

Essential Gear's 10-Day Lantern was reviewed by camper Ron Persall of Wetumka, Alabama.

Q: Do you normally use a lantern or flashlight while camping?
A: I normally use rechargeable flashlights while camping or on an RV trip.

Q: Was the 10-Day Lantern easy to store and carry?
A: Yes, it was lightweight and took up little room in our RV.

Q: Did the LED bulb provide enough light?
A: Yes, I could clearly see a few feet ahead of me while it was on at full power.

Q: Was the adjustable brightness control feature helpful?
A: Yes, it gave me the ability to choose how bright I wanted the light to be and helped conserve battery life which is very important while outdoors.

Q: Where did you use the lantern?
A: I used it during an RV trip and around the house.

Q: How dark was the area that you needed lit up?
A: The RV park I visited was very dark at night. The lantern really came in handy when we needed to get from one side of the site to the other.

Q: Did you use the lantern during torrential weather?
A: No, but it doesn't look like it would give out during thunderstorms or strong winds.

Q: Did you hang or hold the lantern?
A: I did both. I was able to hang the lantern when I was around my RV site and held it to walk across the park to visit friends.

Q: What is the lantern's best feature?
A: That it is a lightweight lantern that can be stored away very easily.

Q: Were the batteries easy to install?
A: Yes, not a problem at all.

Q: Do you feel confident using this lantern since it has a lifetime warranty?
A: Yes, that proves to me that this is a high quality lantern that the manufacturer is confident in.

Q: Would you recommend this lantern to other campers?
A: Yes, it is far better than a typical flashlight, great for outdoor use and can be used at home if your electricity goes out.

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