Zig, Zag, Shoot

This is an all around drill that works the skating and ball handling of each player along with working out your goalie. This drill works most effectively if you have cones.

Set your cones down in a straight line, spreading them out approximately five feet apart. A total of 10 to 12 cones works best for me. Have your players line up behind the cones with the object being to work the puck in and out of each cone through the end of the line. Once they reach the end of the cones, the player should turn towards the goalie and immediately sprint with the ball towards the goalie.

Have the player work the corners of the net in their attempt to shoot. When the player is 3/4 way down the cones the next player in line can begin, which will keep a constant flow of players going. Each time a player goes through the cone line, encourage them to increase speed until they are able to go in and out of the cones at full speed. This drill really helps in developing ball handling skills and skating skills.

Lee Newman


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