Wrist Shot Fundamentals

(AP Photo/The Canadian Press,Paul Chiasson)

With its emphasis on accuracy and quickness, the wrist shot might be the most effective weapon in the sport of hockey. Help your young players master this often overlooked technique with these series of wrist shot fundamentals.

Note: The time to focus on these fundamentals is during practice. Never take the time you get to practice for granted or waste it by just going through the motions.

Also, always practice with a solid focus on the fundamentals, otherwise you are developing bad habits instead of good habits.

Some of the key checkpoints for your wrist shot include:

  1. Be sure your hands are comfortably apart and provide the leverage you need. (Check with your coach to see if your handsets are ok.)
  2. Before shooting, try to get your body turned sideways to the target.
  3. The shot execution should begin at the side of your body.
  4. Sweep the puck forward while you transfer your weight. Have your coach check your rhythm and timing and work to make this as automatic as possible.
  5. The puck should be spinning heel to toe.
  6. Make sure follow through is low and right at your target.

Never pass up the chance to practice these fundamental checkpoints of your wrist shot and ask your coach and teammates to check them for you from time to time.

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