Proper Body Checking

Tips On Body Checking

For the next several weeks we will focus our tips on checking. Save these tips in a checking file for reference throughout the season.

Proper Body Checking

Hockey is a contact sport. Therefore it is important for coaches and players to understand how to body check properly and within the rules (insist on sticks and elbows down).

Proper body checking requires sound, well-developed skills, concentration, agility and anticipation. The player checking must concentrate on the puck carrier, not the puck. The checker should keep both hands on the stick, with the blade on or near the ice, using timing, steering and angling to limit the puck carrier's space, and influence their direction and speed. The checker must avoid lunging at the puck carrier, placing his glove in the face of the puck carrier, or making excessive contact with the stick. All of these infractions must be discouraged or they will result in penalties during games.

Checking is an important part of hockey, and if done well can be an important part of your game. But remember, you should never use illegal or dangerous checking if you want to be an honorable hockey player. Good luck.

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