A Goaltending Drill

Before these drills below, you will need to stretch and do jumping jacks, and jump rope for 100 times. Both of these exercises are done with leg pads, glove blocker stick & helmet. The jump rope exercise is done glove, blocker & stick. All of these exercises are to be done 5 out of 7 days of the week, giving you 2 days rest for muscles to build.

Here are several off ice trainings that will make you faster & quicker, all of these drills will require leg pads, glove, blocker, stick & helmet:

1)Face a wall, stand about 10 feet away from it and throw a small rubber ball against. You can stop it with any of your equipment but you must do this standing up only. You can also have someone throw the ball at the wall for you, but always start in your stance when having someone else throwing the ball. As you get comfortable with this you will want to throw the ball harder & stand closer to the wall. Don't go any closer then 5 feet from the wall. This will increase your quickness with all of your equipment.

2)Face a wall, stand about 10 feet away from it and kick a "soccer" size ball to the wall. You will be required to keep the ball moving to the wall and back by only using your legs. Every time you miss, you must start over again. You will want to kick to the wall 100 times without a miss, then you can move closer. Don't go any closer than 5 feet. This drill can be done without a stick. This will help your ability to direct the puck off the pads.

3)Face a wall, stand about 20 feet away from it, have someone throw a small rubber ball high against the wall, while the ball is in the air & bouncing towards you, Don't Raise Your Stick, follow the ball with eyes, you are allowed to move your head. Move your stance to be centered with the ball and don't let the ball get past you.

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