22 Nutrition Tips to Help Cyclists Recover From Overtraining

Fortunately, Amy took it upon herself to regain her health. A year after Amy stopped riding, she was again full of energy and had the sparkle in her eye that had been missing. She was back to her old energetic self.

Adrenal Fatigue Physiology

But how does adrenal fatigue happen, and what can be done to combat it?

When your adrenals are functioning normally, they secrete balanced amounts of steroid hormones. But as we saw above, there are many factors that can interfere. Upsetting this balance can reduce or increase your body's output of adrenal hormones—namely cortisol.

Your body will no longer manage stress as it was designed to. As a result, fatigue sets in and you experience low-energy days more often.

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Nutritional Tips to Support Adrenal Function

Below are nutritional tips to support your adrenals in order to help you begin to heal and regain adrenal strength.

1. Eat a nourishing whole food snack before 10 a.m. to replenish low blood sugar from a night of fasting. Examples of acceptable snacks include nut butter, oats, lemon juice and water or poached eggs.

2. Have a snack that includes protein, fat and carbohydrates between breakfast and lunch.

3. Avoid fruit juices.

4. Use sea salt on your food.

5. Drink 4 ounces of vegetable juice with a pinch of salt with a main meal.

6. Eat carbohydrates, fats and protein in combination at each meal.

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7. Steer clear of simple sugars, sweets, chocolate, flours and pastries.

8. Start your day with salted water just after you wake up. Use sea salt.

9. Eat whole, quality proteins such as eggs, fish, plant sources, meat and dairy (if you can digest it). Quality protein is essential for recovery.

10. If you can be sure of the safety of the source, sushi, sashimi or ceviche is a good raw source of protein that hasn't been denatured by cooking.

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