10 Tips for Riding in the Rain

More Fenders

Don't stop there! Once you realize how much better riding with fenders is, you'll want to cut strips from old water bottles to make dangling mud flaps and screw them onto the backsides of your fenders. The longer, the better.

Chain Lube

Use a heavier chain lube. We've had good luck with Phil Wood Tenacious Oil. Go ahead, blob it on that chain—it's better to have a chain that requires cleaning than to have it freeze up with rust. Remember, your lube won't penetrate into the links unless the chain is completely dry when you apply it.

Light It Up

Let everyone know you are there. Heavy rain and the glare from auto headlights reduce motorists' vision, so it is a good idea to ride with a bright LED lamp on the seatpost and handlebar.

Be seen. LED lights are relatively inexpensive and work reasonably well. A good, rechargeable lighting system will also provide more light than an LED system, something to consider if your rides take place during early morning or evening.

Finally, if you are only going to spring for one light, a flashing red LED rear lamp is an absolute essential for stormy riding. LED lights are inexpensive and most have clips that allow you to attach them to your bike, backpack, or helmet.

Get a Rain Bike

Really, are you going to trash your race bike? The best investment you can have is a dedicated rain bike. Leave the fenders, the LED lamps, and the mountain bike pedals on your winter bike. When the clouds cut loose, you'll be far happier to submerge your bad-weather beater knowing that your race bike is snuggling next to the fireplace at home.

If you don't already have an old bike hanging in the garage, shop for something with generous room for fenders in the frame and fork.

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