3 Ways to Improve Your Cycling Away From the Bike

Core Exercises

The benefits of working your core are no secret. But it's important to keep it up even when you're deep in training.

"Your core muscles act as that criticial link between your upper and lower body," Kehlenbach said. "It provides a solid base of support for efficient power transformation to the pedals."

Kehlenbach recommends exercises like planks, crunches and hip ridges. It can be a part of your strength training, or as a stand-alone session.

One other thing: don't go the no-pain, no-gain route with core work.

"Focus on control and form," Kehlenbach said. "Good movement patterns. The minute you start to fatigue, those movement patterns start to break down."

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Stretch, stretch, stretch. Do static stretches like sitting down and touching your feet. Do dynamic stretches that have you moving.

The muscles that cyclists typically need to stretch out are hamstrings, the lower back, calves, achilles, quadriceps, glutes, hip flexors, shoulders and neck. And it's especially true if you sit at a desk all day for your job.

"Sometimes your day-to-day activity may be more of a factor to your flexibility than your riding," Kehlenbach said.

Stretching can be added to your daily routine about anywhere. Stretch after rides, while you're watching television, whenever.

Like strength training and core work, it's a way to get better on the bike while you're bike is parked in the garage.

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