3 Cycling Workouts to Help You Conquer Hills

Hill climbing is part of cycling. Some people love it, some people hate it, but everyone needs to ride uphill at some point.

Whether you like to crush the ascents, or just push through them in order to zip along the downhill and flats, your overall ride will be more enjoyable if you work on your technique and train your muscles for the climbs.

These cycling workouts, from triathlon coach Kirsty Marritt, will help you tackle hilly terrain.

Marritt has been racing triathlon since 1994. She's completed 10 Ironmans, The Leadville Trail 100, several 24-hour mountain biking events, and innumerable half-Ironmans and marathons.

She's studied endurance training theory for years and is currently coaching five Ironman competitors to achieve their training goals. Even if you're not training for an Ironman, you'll find these workouts can dramatically improve your hill climbing.

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Long Hills

For long hill workouts, Marritt likes sending her athletes to a hill that will take two hours to climb, with a nice 30-minute warm-up ride to the base.

Climb for 15 minutes in your saddle, then shift down two gears (harder) and pedal for five minutes while standing. Repeat this pattern, which should total close to six rotations in two hours.

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