Triangle Setting/Passing Drill for Beach Players

This is a drill for beach volleyball players to work on ball control, to train themselves to set correctly and learn to pass to the correct place on the court.

Setting Up the Drill

First, you need three people to do this drill. Two of the three players are in their serve-receive positions. For this example the person playing left side is the passer (1) and the person playing right side will be the setter (2).

The third person (3) is directly in front of the passer, facing the passer on the same side of the net as the two players on serve receive (Player 3 will put the balls into play).

How the Drill Works

Player 3 starts with the ball, and begins by hitting the ball to the passer (1). Player 1 passes the ball straight in front of them, but about 2-3 feet toward the inside of the court.

Player 2 (the setter) releases on a straight line in front of the player 1 (passer), as soon as the player 3 strikes the ball. By the time player 2 passes the ball, the setter should be nearing the proper position to allow the ball to come to them, instead of having to chase a ball in order to set it.

The setter will then either hand set or bump set the ball back to player 3. The true emphasis point of this drill has to do with player 2 setting properly.

Stay LOW with your arms locked straight out in front of you, using your LEGS to guide the ball to the correct location. Face away from your partner who is passing (face more toward the net) and deliver a nice hittable ball.

Back and Forth

Once the ball has been set, the person putting the balls into play will continue the drill by hitting the set back to the player 1. Player 1 passes the ball: and the drill continues for a few minutes, forming a triangle.

Player 2 may want to set up two target areas. The first will be the general area where the ball should be set. Secondly, player 2 can draw a line several feet behind that area signifying their starting point, and marking a point for them to touch after each set.

That way, while the drill continues on, the setter approaches from a consistent and realistic angle for each set.

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