The Words You'll Never Hear a Coach Say

You can spend years and years in the gym, and chances are you'll never hear a coach criticize a player for having too much enthusiasm. Coaches love players with enthusiasm! And players with enthusiasm, no matter what their level of talent, usually find a way to make a difference on a team.

Here are some easy ways to express enthusiasm, and to be the kind of player every team wants and needs:

1. Be the first one in the gym. Good things happen to those who arrive early. There's a chance you'll get some individualized instruction. At the very least, you won't be hurrying around, trying to catch up. No matter what happens, you've shown that you care.

2. Hustle when the coach calls everyone in. Gym time is precious and expensive. More importantly, hustling shows a winning tempo. By hustling in, you're sending off positive energy. Those who mope in drag the team down. Which kind of player would you rather be?

3. Look at the coach when he or she speaks. By doing that, you are sending a message that you consider the comments to be important. Everyone likes an appreciative audience; your coach is no different. Eye contact also shows that you have the character to look someone in the eye.

4. Be a champion ball-shagger. From the moment you enter the gym to the time the door closes behind you, do everything on a championship level. If there's a spill, be a champion floor-wiper! If it's time to shag, be a leader in that category. Players who sit back and say, "I've already done my share" are only diminishing themselves. Why judge yourself on what other people do? Remember, winners ask, "How can I help?" Losers say, "It's not my job."

Notice that not a single one of these qualities has anything to do with ability. They are all purely mental. They deal with attitude and desire.

Anyone can show enthusiasm. So go do it today! One thing's for sure -- your coach will never criticize you for it! Mike Tully is a coach with "Yes, I Can!" volleyball.

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